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Site Sponsorships & Banner Advertising

Advertising is available on COMMREX. This includes certain sections of the COMMREX property site, the COMMBOT index and our 140+ mailing lists. Fees are payable at time of ad placement. Because this is a strictly limited commercial real estate advertising site we do not sell advertising based on page views or clickthroughs.

Advertising for the front page or a specific section of a site includes banners or tiles in a primary location. Up to 3 banners or tiles may randomly rotate in a section. Front Page - $250 per month. This is for tiles or banner as outlined below.

COMMBOT - $100 per zone per month for 468 x 60 banner. $50 per month for 112 x 135 or 125 x 48. See Style Guidelines below.

eLeads Mailing Lists Sponsorship - a vendor related to commercial real estate may purchase sponsorship on our mailing list. This will be in the form of a message footer which is attached to all emails distributed via the list. A 5 line footer is $100 per month.

All advertising is payable in full in advance at time of placement.

Note: If we create your website you receive 90 days of free advertising in the appropriate section of COMMBOT.

Style Guidelines - See Attached Examples

Banners - 3 sizes COMMREX and COMMBOT
Banners are allowed on the COMMREX Home Page or COMMBOT pages.

Size: advertising banners will be a maximum file size of 10k in a gif or jpg format and may include animation and maximum dimension of:

120 X 135   (COMMREX Home Page)
112 X 135   (COMMBOT)
125 X 48    (COMMBOT only)
468 X 60    (COMMBOT only)

Tiles An advertising tile will be a maximum dimension of 120W x 135H pixels (left side on home page) or 112 X 135 for COMMBOT and a maximum file size of 10k in a gif or jpg format. Each Tile will be displayed on the appropriate page. Tiles will be linked to your web site and may be used in COMMBOT. These tiles are allowed within any zone of COMMBOT.
Mailing List
Footer Text
We run 140 mailing lists for our members. 5 lines of 60 characters each are allowed as advertising which will go out on all messages posted to the list. The perfect way to keep your name in front of our mailing list users. You will also be allowed posting privileges on the list of your choice.

Custom Banners
We will be happy to design a custom tile or banner for your advertisement at the rate of $100 per hour.

Internet Media Works! and COMMREX and COMMBOT reserves the right to refuse sponsorship from anyone or any organization or company. IMW, COMMREX and COMMBOT reserves the right not to post banners or text not in keeping with the site sponsored.

Submission of Request for Sponsorship
In order to be considered as a sponsor for one of our sites please contact Gary Anderson, Admin at 512-346-9158 or by email

Internet Media Works!
Austin, Texas 78759,
Fax 512-346-1762

We encourage your interaction so please give us feedback on the services we can provide for our customers.

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