I have data entry challenges or other support challenges. Who can I contact?
Contact Internet Media Works! 512.346.9158 or email webmaster.

I lost my password or cannot remember my login. How can I get this information? Have your userid and password emailed to you. Go here to retrieve them. They will be sent to the email address that you registered with or last updated.

How do I become a member of COMMREX?
You can register by clicking on the New User Registration button on the top menu bar of the site. You can register for free and there are some services that are available to you without paying the annual fee of $79, but the fee is required for adding new properties into the system and having them available to millions of internet users as well as automatically going out to many mailing lists.

Please note, when you complete the registration form, a valid email address is required and all contact information must be accurate as that information will display on your listings exactly as input.

What services are fee-based?
Member Services $79 annually to be able to add new properties, attach pictures to the properties, attach your logo (optional) to the properties and use of the many mailing lists for autogeneration of added properties.

Package Center & Lead Generator $69 annually to upload and password protect your packages

Featured Property - front page $250 per month in rotation with 2 others.

Featured Property - banner $100 per month in Search Property section by property type.

COMMLink Website Listing Link service.
Annual $150 fee for an individual agent and $350 fee for all listings by all agents in a company (up to 20 agents). Above 20 agents the fee is $10 per year per additional agent.

Each of these services must be paid through at the time of ordering. requires you set up a free account and you can pay by credit card or other methods they allow.

If I am a member of a COMMREX state level site can I use
Your login ID and Password is good for use in Just login and list your properties in COMMREX and they will automatically show up in the Alabama or Austin/Central Texas COMMREX site according to your membership.

What is the PackageCenterTM and how can I post Packages?
COMMREX PackageCenter is a fee-based on-line lead generation and Property Package distribution center. In order for your Property Packages and flyers and Confidentiality Agreements (if your owner requires one) to be attached to your listings and also posted in the high profile PackageCenter your cost is $69.00 annually for participation. Payment is required via so you will need to set up an instant, free account if you do not already have one, make payment by credit card or on-line check and proceed to upload your Packages and designate passwords for retrieval in MyCOMMREX. Distribute links to your packages automatically with PackageDirect (coming soon).

How will I know who retrieved my packages from the PackageCenter?
That is the lead generation portion of the PackageCenter. In order to download a package the user must either be a registered COMMREX member who logs in with their ID and Password or a user who must complete a short form for package retrieval. The agent/owner contact shown on a property will receive an email showing the user's contact information each time someone requests a password for your package.

If you are a member of any COMMREX site, such as Alabama, your packages will show up in the appropriate site AND in This is great distribution in two places for the price of one.

How do I edit my Membership Profile?
Login to MyCOMMREX then follow clear directions for Edit My Profile. (Remember to use mixed case when entering your information because this is the data that shows as your contact information on all properties.)

Real Estate Professional members, Upload your photo and logo so they will show on your Profile which is linked to all properties and which can be found in our searchable membership database which is used by the Public searching for real estate professionals to work with. The logo will be attached your listings as well.


How do I search Properties For Sale or Lease?
First, click Search Properties and select the property type you wish to search from the scroll box. Lease type covers all Lease properties, Property Needs handles only Needs that have been placed in the database. All other types are For Sale Properties. You do NOT have to complete all fields in order to search.

How do I search for my properties or my company's properties?
First, click Search Properties and using the Search By Contact form enter your last name in the "Last Name" field. This form also allows you to search by Company Name, First Name. You can also view your properties through MyCOMMREX.

Can my listings show up on my website? Can all of our company listings show on our website?
Yes, COMMLink is our service that pulls your listings from COMMREX into your own website. There is a one-time $150 fee for an individual agent and $350 fee for all listings by all agents in a company. Find out what COMMLINK provides.

How can I search for multiple states at the same time?
You can search for multiple states by holding down the CONTROL key and selecting different states. MAC users hold down the COMMAND key.

How do I Add, Edit or Delete Properties or Change Status?
Click on MyCOMMREX to access all your properties and follow the simple directions.

What is MyCOMMREX?
MyCOMMREX gives you one convenient location to perform all COMMREX services including access to maintain your Profile, maintain all listings, view hits to all listings, upload photos, packages, set package passwords, upload logo, add packages, join eLeads mailing lists, etc.

How do I edit my contact information on my listing?
Simply Modify Your Profile in MyCOMMREX and any change will append to all properties.

What is COMMFind?
COMMFind is the membership database of COMMREX members. This database is publicly searchable by name, company, specialization, area served, city, state, zip, country and province. COMMFind is one of the largest searchable databases promoting commercial real estate professionals on the Internet.

How do I delete a listing?
In MyCOMMREX all of your listings display regardless of status for ease of maintenance. Click Delete next to any listing you wish to delete. If the property has been Sold or Leased we ask that you change the status to Sold or Leased instead of deleting it so you can complete basic comparable data for our Comps database.

How do I Change Listing status or mark Sold/Leased?
Again, using MyCOMMREX to access all properties in the system, simple click on the Property ID to Edit the property and change the status. Remember to mark a property SOLD or LEASED and store comparable data in the comps database?

What are Withdrawn listings?
these listings remain in MyCOMMREX, but are not returned in search results, and can easily be changed to "Available" should you wish to relist them.

My Listing has Expired, now what?
since all listings remain in MyCOMMREX regardless of their status (an expired is marked Withdrawn) you can easily extend the listing by simply changing the Status to Active.

How do I add a photo or attachment to my listing?
In MyCOMMREX use the Photo Upload capability. This is available on your list of properties and is clearly marked Upload Photo.

Are there size requirements for graphics or attachments?
The recommended size is 10-20 K, with a resolution of 72 dpi (dots per inch). All images will display at 300 pixels wide on the front of a listing and at 400 pixels wide on photo pages.

How many photos can I submit to my listing?
6 images are allowed.

What if I don't have the photograph in an digitized format?
Please refer to our Scanning Tutorial for an indepth description on scanning photos

Also, You can download photographs from your digital camera directly to your computer.

or You can have your regular film processed and saved on a Photo CD or disk as a JPG.

Maps & Demographics
Maps are freely pulled from MapQuest so we have no control over the accuracy of the maps that are attached to a property address.

The area map on my listing is not accurate.
Maps are generated from the information that is included in the "Property Address" field of the property. To identify the location of a property you must include a valid street address (example 789 Main Drive) or a simple intersection (example Main Street and First Avenue) in the "Property Address" field. Area maps are generated immediately so you can modify a property and instantly view the results. If you still are unhappy with the MapQuest results upload your own map as one of your photo attachments and choose Location Map from the scroll box.

Demographics are linked automatically by ZipCode to the U.S. Census Bureau.

We maintain over 125 mailing lists by geographic area and property type. All listings appropriate to a specific list are automatically emailed to list members when the listing is entered into the system. If you join any of the lists (Click eLeads in MyCOMMREX and follow directions for subscription) you may also post property related haves and needs to the list. We reserve the right to deny access to any list without notice to a member who abuses the purpose of the list.

What is the listing term?
6 months with one renewal of 6 months

Property Notices
A property notice is generated to all appropriate mailing lists each time a property is added to the system.

Data Transfer. I am a CCIM or CCIM Candidate. Will my listings be distributed to CCIMNet?
No, CIREI will not accept data transfers from outside their CCIMNet system. This was being done in the past, after we built the original CCIMNET, but since Catylyst began managing the process, it was decided by CIREI not to transfer data to and from COMMREX as had been done in the past. If you need your data in a tranferable format, please let us know.