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  CCIM Insitute Members

If you are a CCIM designee or Candidate, try logging in using your CCIM or Candidate ID number.. NOTE: If you do not know your userid or password, GO HERE. If you still cannot login or retrieve your userid and password, then you need to Register to use COMMREX to add property.

  RECS Members

RECS Members who are NOT CCIM or Candidates, or registered members of other COMMREX sites please REGISTER

It is suggested (but not required) that you register with your RECS ID and Password, if not otherwise registered.

  Members of Other COMMREX sites

If you were a registered member of Florida COMMREX or are a registered member of Alabama COMMREX or Austin/Central Texas COMMREX simply login with your current ID and Password. Please do not register again.

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