On the Road Again- Laptops?

Until the Internet replaces personal contact as the primary means of conducting business, road-weary travellers will be taking to the air, sea, roads and rails in quest of the next great deal. This section of COMMREX is devoted to helping the Road Warriors of the Internet lighten their load, combining a host of links for mobile computing and the "on-the-road" office.

Required Provisions

You can't get one step out the door without the right equipment. These links will help keep you ready to roll.

The Road Warrior Outpost
Specializes in aftermarket upgrades and accessories for portable computers including External Hard Drives, Global Connectivity Products, Line Testers, and of course, Notebook Hard Drive Upgrades!

Great Buy: We just bought the Telecoupler II and Modem Tester for our Mexico and Europe trips in 1999. What a life-saver these two items turned out to be!


The site for notebook computer users who demand a QUIKCONNECTâ„¢ from anywhere in the world!

Portal for the mobile community. Includes handhelds, PDAs, PalmPilot, Wireless, Windows CE, Notebooks. This site has a wealth of information.

Remote Connections

How to get online when you're away from home or without your machine?

Internet Cafes
If traveling without a computer you can check your email at one of thousands of Internet Cafes around the globe. Or, take your laptop in and buy connection time if you can't find it anywhere else!
This site contains a database of 2710 internet cafes in 115 countries. You can search by city or country name for a list of cafes, or click on use convenient interactive maps for quick access to regional listings.
As of May 1999, the database contains listings for 2445 verified cybercafes in 125 countries plus over 2000 public internet access points and kiosks.

International Connectivity
All you need to know about foreign electrical power adapters, telephone jacks, and other mobile computing essentials.

Traveling in Mexico?
Did you know that your AT&T mobile phone is good throughout most of Mexico. Prices are higher at $.75 per minute if calling back to the US, but worth it on a lonely Mexico highway. And, you can always hook your mobile phone to the Internet via Compuserve, which has 1-800 numbers all over Mexico. Or, buy temporary connections from an ISP in Mexico. You are going to need one of those handy mobile modems to go with your mobile phone and PMCIA card. (This is not the most economical way to access email, but it will do in a pinch!). A current list of Mexico's ISPs is here

The World Wide Phone Guide
What you need to hook up your modem just about anywhere!

The World Electric Guide
Critical information on electrical power throughout the world - featured in the Electricity section of the Fodor's Online Resource Center.

International Dialing Codes
Country codes, area codes, and methods of dialing an international operator throughout the world.

TeleAdapt Destinations
Travelers guide with data for the mobile computer user on more than 260 countries.

Vital Data
Inside tips and information from those "In The Know." is a member-based community of frequent business travelers. Members have access to exclusive intelligence for the top 10 business destinations in North America, information on 500 restaurants, 150 business services, and some 8500 upcoming events, as well as hundreds of Insider Tips.

Internet Fax the incredible free way to fax by email.

Online Office

ICQ - your office away from the office! Let others know you are online and open for business.