COMMREX Product and Services Rates


Membership in is Free. However, certain add-on products and services are fee-based as follows:

Property Advertising Price and Terms:

It is FREE to add properties to COMMREX. It is NOT FREE to add property packages and flyers to COMMREX. A listing term with COMMREX is 6 six months, with a 6 month renewal period. Our automated system will notify a listor 30 days prior to expiration with a request to extend the listing. If the listing ad is not extended it will automatically be deleted from the system without further notice.


6 Photos are Free if you scan them and upload them to the system. If we need to scan your photos we are happy to do so for $5.00 each, payable at the time of scan. CRITICAL: Mark each photo on back with property ID. Photos will not be returned.

Snail Mail photos to be scanned with your check payble to Internet Media Works to:

Internet Media Works!
4404 Hyridge Dr.
Austin, TX 78759

Fee-based Services and Products

Package Center & Lead Generator $69 annually to upload and password protect your packages and have them prominently displayed in the Package Center. If you do not wish to display in the Package Center, you may upload your packages at no charge to link only to your listings.

Featured Property - front page $250 per month in rotation with 3 - 5 others. Follow instructions for placement in MyCOMMREX.

Search Page Ad Banner $80 per month on the Search Property page.

COMMLink - $150 fee for an individual agent and $350 fee for all listings by all agents in a company

Each of these services is available via MyCOMMREX and each of these services must be paid through at the time of ordering. requires you set up a free account and you can pay by credit card or other methods they allow.

Website Development and additional services:

We offer a full range of website and database design services. Please view our web development services at Internet Media Works!

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